Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lux Performance Test

If you have a moment to spare, would you mind trying this performance test? If you press and hold on the flash it turns depth of field on... can you comment on your os/browser/cpu and the two speeds(with/without dof)?


Lux Performance Test


Anonymous said...

winxp sp2 / firefox / 1.5ghz intel

speeds --
15-16 dof enabled
19-21 no dof and mouse over
20-14 no dof

Benny said...

Sorry tried, but get:

Alternate HTML content should be placed here. This content requires the Adobe Flash Player. Get Flash
That although I have the latest F9 player installed on Windows XP + MSIE6?

Brandon Ellis said...

Windows 2000 Server
dual 1.6 ghz AMD Opteron processors
2 gig RAM

with dof: 17
w/o dof and mouseover: 23
w/o dof: 32

Intoxo Pox said...

16-17 dof
25-27 no dof

Ben Stucki said...

winxp sp2 / ie / 2.8ghz intel / 512mb ram

speeds --
17-20 dof enabled
28-30 no dof and mouse over
30-32 no dof

Renaun Erickson said...

WinXP sp2 / firefox / FP9 / 4ghz Intel 2GB Ram

17-19 dof on
24-29 dof off (when moving on the lower end)

Bruno Mosconi said...

win xp pro sp 2/ flash player 9/ notebook 3ghz/ 512 mb ram

- 15 - 13 - dof
- 18 - 21 - no dof

Anonymous said...

WinXP-SP2 / Intel 3Ghz / 2Gb Ram
Flash Player 9

-IE 6.0.29
19-20 - dof on
32-36 - dof off

16-18 - dof on
20-24 - dof off

James O'Reilly said...

with dof: 22-23
w/o dof and mouseover: 32
w/o dof: 32-34

Flash Player 9
Windows XP x64
AMD64 FX-55
XFX GeForce 7800GT
1Gig RAM

Anonymous said...

WinXP SP2 / Firefox / 3.2 GHz Intel

DOF - 14-17 fps
No DOF and MO - 21-23 fps
No DOF and no MO - 22-25 fps

Anonymous said...

win xp sp1 / firefox 1.5 / 1.3ghz p4 / 256MB rambus

12-13 no dof
7-8 dof (mouseover or not)

Andrew White said...

MacBook Pro, Firefox, Mac OS 10.4.

17-19 with depth of field enabled
23-28 without depth of field

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Anonymous said...

Intel Quad Core Processor - 2GB DDR2 - 512 NVIDIA 8800 GPU

With dof 27
WO dof 40

I found this page b/c of benny's comment:

""""Sorry tried, but get:

Alternate HTML content should be placed here. This content requires the Adobe Flash Player. Get Flash""""

Benny ----- Get firefox, my IE is giving me the same error on all Flex websites 32, or 64 bit doesn't matter.

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