Saturday, August 05, 2006

gotoAndStop causing browser to crash

This bug is driving me up the wall. I am embedding a movieclip into one of my classes using this method:
[Embed(source='/sprites.swf', symbol='PlayerSprite')]
private var PlayerSprite:Class;

I need to use gotoAndStop to reflect a state change... e.g.:

The script works but it causes both IE and FireFox to crash completly at random times when gotoAndStop is executed.

Has anybody else experienced this?


Jensa said...

Yup. Some years ago, but I seem to remember that it could be resolved by making sure the Goto-command was at the end of the script. The culprit was that changing frames at the wrong time would cause the currently executing Object to be removed from stage.

Not sure if this applies to you since you're doing AS2/AS3 and my problems was back in AS1 days with code littered across every movieclip in the FLA, but yes - I have experienced the same :)


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

I see a similar bug on file for Flash Player 9. We'll jump on it in the next few days. I'd be happy to send you an early build next week if you'd like to confirm its been fixed for your scenario. Shoot me an email if you're interested. Sorry for the inconvenience.

BTW - You've greated some great stuff with Flash.

--- Paul
Flash Player Engineering

Anonymous said...

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