Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lux 3D Engine - Going Open Source

My apologies for not being as active as I wanted to be on this project. I have been busy with other projects the last couple of months. I just wanted to give you a heads up, I will be releasing Lux under a Open Source license very soon so you people can start using/extending Lux.

I will be releasing it on first so if you want to know as soon as it released, I suggest keeping an eye on our RSS feed.

A quick recap on Lux
The main aim of this engine is for it to be usable in a sense of performance and have a simple API to integrate cleanly into other AS3 projects. I have seen many ActionScript 3D engines done in flash but many are over complicated, try to do too much and can be slow for simple tasks. I do not plan to add features like texture mapping, model loaders and animation as I want this to remain extremely lightweight and most importantly fast!

Base Features include:
  • LuxView: The main engine that contain, lights, objects and a camera.
  • LuxObject: An object that contains Points, Lines, Curves, Faces etc.
  • LuxStyle: Allows you to change the appearance of objects.

Other classes include Matrix, Vector, LuxAnchor, LuxPoint, LuxMultiPoint, LuxLine, LuxFace, LuxColour, LuxCamera, LuxLight.

I have also included a few primitive objects that will allow you to learn how to construct your own objects.

A simple test scene: Lux Test