Thursday, January 11, 2007

Flex OSX Style Transition?


Im on the hunt for something I saw on the Macromedia XML News Aggregator a while ago. Somebody created a page transition in FLEX that looks similar to the Fast User Switching in OSX. It looks like there are different interfaces on the surface of a cube... you can navigate to other interfaces and the cube spins 90 degrees to show the other interface.

Does anybody know where I can find this?


Rich Tretola said...

You are probably referring to Alex Uhlmann's animation kit.


Anonymous said...

That was indeed Adobe Consulting work performed by Alex Uhlmann. The Flex version of this effort has been posted to Alex's blog at, and is what he demonstrated at MAX2006.

Good luck! Steven.

Steven Webster said...

Sorry to be anonymous in the above post!

Anonymous said...

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Phemia said...

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